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#51 Post by Thin Red Paste » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:30 am

The stuff about capcom correcting some of it is all true, but I'm talking hypothetical, everything perfect, pie in the sky, planets aligned, impossible made possible, God-Emperor of Mankind willed it. If every line of code turned out just like they did except that none of it referenced devil may cry, the reception and sales would have been a lot different.

To people who aren't looking for what hardcore DMC players are looking for, the combat in this one is outstanding. But look what you have to compare it against - God of War is the go-to franchise for most of these people, and its got about the most godawful boring combat I've ever seen. There's Darksiders, which has combat that is significantly better than GoW and has at least some of the basic elements of devil may cry's combat (launchers, evasion rolls, pause combos, a stinger like move) but it'll never have dmc's fire. Bayonetta has been discussed at length, and its the only thing that really measures up for the hardcore DMC crowd, but the hardcore DMC crowd isn't looking for the same experience as any other crowd, or even other hardcore gamers. New DmC doesn't provide that experience, so that turns off the hardcores. But everyone else expects it to provide it, which turns off the people who weren't looking for it. Without the name, it wouldn't have the expectation. Everyone would have gone into it with a different mindset, there wouldn't have been the fan outrage or the negative word of mouth, and I bet more people would be looking at the game the way I do - a fun brawler game that's a little bit like devil may cry.

Compared to the combat in god of war or darksiders, DmC is miles ahead. To the people who are only familiar with kratos, this game's combat is mindblowing. But compared to DMC and Bayonetta, its a pale imitation. I understand that, but I'm not a guy where every game has to be a 10 or I hate it. I can enjoy a 7, if it hits the right notes. DmC hits the right notes for me. I wish I could explain what that means outside of "I like bad games" but I can't, really, except to say that I was never that into the super advanced stuff in the old DMC games (even in videos, a lot of what most people here thought looked really awesome didn't do much for me), so I'm not overly offended by its absence here. I could do it, but only to prove I could; not because I thought it was fun or looked good.
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#52 Post by Oreo » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:28 am

Thin Red Paste wrote:Compared to the combat in god of war or darksiders, DmC is miles ahead.
I actually enjoyed the combat in Darksiders more. And you know how much I bitched about that game. I'd agree with you about God of War, but I saw that ballin GoW3 video that was made by members of this forum (I forget who exactly, my bad). So I guess I'll agree to some degree, but I'd rather watch that GoW3 video again than anything that n472a and Brea are doing with DmC.
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#53 Post by Tecarmel » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:18 am

Oreo wrote:I saw that ballin GoW3 video that was made by members of this forum (I forget who exactly, my bad). So I guess I'll agree to some degree, but I'd rather watch that GoW3 video again than anything that n472a and Brea are doing with DmC.
It was GeM and TQ, and I agree that it is a fantastic video. However, I think the quality says more about their talent than the game's merits (although I admit to never having played GoW3 myself).

TQ is a wizard, by the way. I don't doubt he could make a DmC video that makes the game look great.

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#54 Post by tatsumaruXzero » Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:44 pm

God of War 3 was a massive improvement in the game's combat system. So that video is a testament to both TQ/Gem's skill and how far Santa Monica has come in understanding a good combat system. Brea and n472 are skilled as well, however they don't have much to work with in DmC. As much as it claims to reboot and revitalize the series, all it did was recycle what had come before and execute it much much worse.

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#55 Post by Psychedelic~ » Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:37 am

Tats, it's going to take a little time ... 5 Melee Weapons and 3 firearms with Angel/Human/Devil switch.

Lack of style hurts the game like a bitch but it's not like I hadn't enjoyed the combat at all finding everything to be a drag, no~ It's not extensively done but for what's done is definitely well done for a first game. DMC3 wouldn't be made again. DMC4 wouldn't be made again. DMC3 to 4 maybe you could tell they were running out of ideas, not only ideas but sense too ...

We need to understand we are back to DMC1 ... and we are to reach 2/3/4 again for Ninja Theory and maybe they could keep it fresher than capcom would with a dmc5/6/7 ...

It's easier to dump it like 4 ... and then somebody else would bring the potential to the table because we wanted a DMC3 all over again. It did not let us play 4, it's not letting us play DmC, will not let us play anything ever again. The motherfucker doesn't let us play itself too. So we just kinda keep fucking around with it or 4 while bitching about everything we are playing :/

There has been only a couple of good videos out, but that's not because the game doesn't offer anything. It's just that only a couple of guys have been able to work out initial aesthetics so far. And then Brea would launch a video and everybody would be like, fuck~ Never thought this was possible. Oh Brea ... the queen of my dreams ...

And you have been my favorite 3'er. I know you can make little things big sexy on screen. But this mindframe held you back throughout DMC4 and it's eating you up all over again~

And I don't know why I ranted like that and I am sorry if I crossed the line somewhere :/
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#56 Post by v4lor » Wed Mar 06, 2013 5:44 am

and we are to reach 2/3/4 again for Ninja Theory
They've demonstrated a complete lack of understanding on how design a combat system (which includes the enemies) that is in-depth, or even balanced. The first Devil May Cry is chock-full of interesting enemies and a combat system that compliments those enemies perfectly. It provided a solid basis for which the rest of the series could build on. This reboot is not even close to that level.

I sincerely hope that Ninja Theory stops making these after the second one, which they announced before the first was even released. If Capcom doesn't want to make them in-house, anymore, that's fine, but give it to a competent studio.

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#57 Post by Esquilin » Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:24 am

I honetly enjoyed DmC at first. The Story is stupid, but besides for Dmc 3 there was not really any good dmc story. Yes, even dmc1 was boring for me.

Dante is way too cocky, they were trying too hard to let him look like a badass, but that didn't work out since he was simultaneously a cry-baby from the very beginning . First constantly crying over his mum, then over that chick. Too much of an emo imo.

The gameplay was intresting, but it has no depths. There are enough different combos imo, but performing those is way too easy. Jump canceling was never easier in a dmc game than in this one. Additionally, the game itself restricts your creativity. Some enemy types are obviously made for the whole purpose of a single weapon or weapon type. Forcing us to use a weapon for certain enemies is bs. No Target button? Yeah sure, we need two dodge buttons instead. Speaking of dodging, devil dodge is too op. Same with the Devil Trigger. Everything around you freezes and you deal insane damage. Not to mention that it doesn't offer any kind of depth to the game, since all it does is allow you to club non-moving enemies like a neanderthal.

I think team-ninja can do better than this, but they seriously need a different creative director than Tameem Antoniades. I'm pretty sure he is to blame for 70% of the outcome of the game. If they were to choose a different studio again, I'd be hoping for Platinumgames or Tecmo.

Yeah, I am aware that the Ninja Gaiden series lost his flair aswell, but I honestly think that ninja gaiden still offers one of the deepest combat system in the hack and slash genre. Ninja Gaiden 3 was disappointing for the ps3/360, but the Razor's edge edition for the Wii U ( and 360/ps3 being released 2nd April this year) is certainly a very good game. The amount of combos and weapons these games offer are insanely high and all of them have some decent motion. I'm pretty sure mixing those 2 combat systems would .... duh, actually, it would end up being Bayonetta lol
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#58 Post by Crazy » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:02 am


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#59 Post by Tecarmel » Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:12 am

I have now completed DmC on all difficulties except Hell and Hell. Further impressions:

My previous complaints still stand, but my outrage at the story and characters lost its edge with each repetition. However, my rage at the "soft" lock-on has only increased with the difficulty level. Round Trips frequently go to any enemy except for the Witch I want to target. Guns will sometimes fire into empty space, ignoring all enemies, as will Drive. I like to take out Pathos/Bathos first when there's a crowd, but good luck trying to get the game to understand that. Double Jump -> Ophion Lift/Pull -> hope it goes where I want. With the Dreamrunners' ability to parry back projectiles, it becomes hazardous to my health to use Flush, RT etc. on any enemy in a group that includes them, since I can never be certain they will not be targeted against my will. I know you can parry back their parry, but it's tough when I'm not expecting it.

I have been using the Demon weapons more for their increased damage output, but it's frustrating to not be able to do a real combo with them. I still really like comboing with the Angel weapons though; it's a shame they're so weak. Even boosted by Feed, Osiris takes way too long to kill a Frost Knight or Ghost Rage on DMD. I end up whoring Demon Dodge and/or Round Trips, and feeling cheap. :(

Still, I actually like the game better on the harder difficulties. There were moments between frustrations when it was actual fun. Not as good as DMC 1/3/4, but decent.

Nice things I have to say about DmC (some of which I neglected to mention in my first impressions):
I appreciated the replay value from the collectibles. Trophies/Achievements were not too easy and not too hard. The music, while not to my taste, really isn't any worse than Taste the Blood, and it seems a good fit for DmC. I know other people have been getting hit by the glitches but I was largely unaffected. Dante looks good in the Son of Sparda costume. Dumbed down gameplay it may be, but it's nice to not need godlike execution to do cool shit. Lilith's actress was superb, and the sons of Sparda were also competently voiced. Facial expressions were top-notch, one thing NT has always done consistently well. And... that's all I can think of right now.

I haven't done Bloody Palace or Vergil's Downfall yet. Will post my impressions of those in the future, if anyone cares.

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#60 Post by DelusionaryKiller » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:23 am

I liked Taste the Blood better. though after a while it got tiresome.
From playing the demo and watching walkthroughs, I can say they did a good job being diverse in music. Few tracks fit my taste.

I honestly thought some of the facial expressions made Donte look uglier than he already is. It looked kinda cheap to me.

"soft" Lock is BS. I'm pretty sure dealing with those color coded enemies is a bigger pain when there are Blue and Red enemies in a single room.

Lol Crazy

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#61 Post by v4lor » Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:12 am

Even boosted by Feed, Osiris takes way too long to kill a Frost Knight or Ghost Rage on DMD.
I generally abuse the hell out of Prop Shredder. It builds Feed really quickly, and does a ridiculous amount of damage. Probably its most damaging move other than it's Stinger (too lazy to find the actual name). It does good work against Frost Knight shields (Witch shields too, actually), and Rage's break out of the move in such a predictable pattern that it's simple to anticipate, making getting back over to them to keep going very easy.
There were moments between frustrations when it was actual fun.
I actual feel M1 on DMD offers the most straightforward combat sections for combo fodder, something akin to DMC3's M2. There's still way too much cutscene-skipping and platform-interruptions, but that's not unique to the level, so yeah. I also feel its boss has the least amount of stipulations to put up with, and if you get fed up with it you can just Kablooey-dart his face 5 times, DT, and detonate, pretty much ending the fight. Basically, it's a fun level because it lacks all the nonsensical restrictions that are ever-present in the other levels. It's a perfect example how the game can be fun when the developers aren't too busy tying your hands because they don't understand the concepts behind "enjoyable challenge."

Even the one fight that features a true environmental hazard (the spinning ride) is interesting, because it limits aerial combat in a sense, but only at certain times. It's pretty neat to try and fall into a rhythm of moving between aerial and ground combat in an effort to keep yourself and the enemies from flying into it. All of it while being fairly unobtrusive, so you can just gather the enemies into the generously-sized corners if you'd rather not have to worry about the ride hazard at all.

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