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Devil may Cry: Devil may Cry Definitve Edition streams

#1 Post by DelusionaryKiller » Thu Jan 22, 2015 6:12 am

Apparently every Wednesday until the thing releases.

>not having Special Melee bound to a lock on command, only forward forward moves like Stinger
>claiming the Special Melee button is a good idea
>forgetting that Vorgil could use this because he has no room in the controller
>has Blistering Swords bound to Jump-Shoot and Swordstorm as DOUBLE FUCKING FORWARD-JUMP-SHOOT

Hell, you could even bind the special gun attacks to Lock On for Blistering or Summoned Swords, though in DMC3 you had to go into Spiral Swords first, which avoided the issue you might execute Blistering or Summoned Swords accidentally.
A few good things though:
-Lock On can be a toggle, for those that have issue with holding down lock on (I don't)
-Allows options for directional inputs for those that are used to the old way of things but want Lock On
-Stuff like more strict timing for parries or perfect dodges
-improved angel glide
-can run while Locked On, but uncertain if optional (I rather strafing for now)
-Smaller hud?
The rest are well known improvements that should've been in the game to begin with, like Turbo or 60fps.

Not enough to make me buy it, especially with their decision to not bind special melee to Lock On, however these are improvements you'd expect to see in a remake.

amazing amounts of people on the stream chat asking for DMC4SE

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