Making mods for this game again!

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Making mods for this game again!

#1 Post by AlexxShadenk777 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:08 pm

First of all it should be noted that having the most recent version of the Style Switcher mod allows you to drop modded pac files into the game's rom folder and the game will load all modified files. Actually making the mods still takes quite a while but this saves so much time installing the damn things.

Here's some stuff I've worked on recently:

-Infernal Vanguard-
Download: ... nguard.rar

-Dante Devil Trigger HQ textures set-
Reb & Sparda were easy. I simply extracted the cutscene textures, which are higher quality resolution compared to the textures used for the in-game models. However, the models themselves are identical, so simply replacing the textures works just fine.
Rebellion & Sparda:

As for for the rest of the Devil Triggers, there are no HQ textures in the game. So I had to make them myself. Beowulf took around 2 hours to make, the others roughly 1.5 hours each.
Download: ... wulfDT.rar

Agni & Rudra:
Download: ... evanDT.rar

-Dark Colors DT for Dante-
After all that work, I customized the look of the DT textures a bit. Initially I was going to make a simple black & white palette with splashes of color but ended up being slightly more detailed than that. You may notice that all textures are lacking the colored streaks of light that they're meant to have. Due to how these elements work, the upscaled textures basically broke the effect entirely, so I just removed it. At some point I will bust my ass to try to make it work again but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. If/when attempting to fix it doesn't work, I'll just make texture versions that have the light streaks drawn directly onto the texture.
Download: ... Sparda.rar

-Vergil Devil Trigger HQ textures-
Then it was time to do Vergil's DT textures... to save time, I used textures from DMC4SE, but I could still use a few from Dante's Rebellion DT. Overall it took around 4 hours to make this.
Download: ... l%20DT.rar
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