Style Switcher videos thread.

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Style Switcher videos thread.

#1 Post by AlexxShadenk777 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:52 am

I'm going to be uploading my own Style Switcher gameplay here. Don't expect combo videos from me though.

51 minutes of unedited BP gameplay

Cerberus take 1

Super Agni take 1

EDIT 17/03/2017:
Gameplay Compilation 1

EDIT 19/03/201:
Gameplay Compilation 2

I don't have Vergil gameplay recorded yet, mainly because the mod doesn't add much of anything to him, but it does allow several changes. For instance, pressing Up on the D-pad will allow the next input to cancel any move/attack animation, so you can pretty much spam Rapid Slash like in DMC4SE. The mod also allows the more tech-savvy people to make their own scripts but I won't be doing that. I did, however, make it so Vergil can do 3 Trick Ups and infinite Trick Down/Backs while DT'd.
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