Night Talking

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Night Talking

#1 Post by Jebryath » Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:53 am

It's nice to talk out loud at night;
whisper secret words just out of sight.
Your consciousness has open doors.
Your mind comes out to sweep the floors
of cobwebs in the secret place
that hides between your ears and face.
Don't hold yourself in 'til you sleep.
Your thoughts won't always be this deep.

Watch it come and watch it go,
your mind is watching out below
the level that you can perceive
for those that lie and those that thieve.
Do not beware your sleepy thoughts
as you toss and turn on night-time cots.
Just be yourself and whisper out
these words of magic, ye devout.

Without the light, the words they tumble,
stillness dispelled with every mumble.
Talk and hear the silence that
came before your voice went splat.
Listen then to nothingness -
It's not as neat, I must confess -
and let the world wash overhead.
The time has come, put us in bed.

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#2 Post by Demyra » Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:54 am

I like this...I can't say much on the content though because I don't know that my interpretation is totally what it means, feels open...

You used some odd words in places to force rhyme it looks like-that's my only criticism, really.

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