I Cannot Fathom Somber Thought

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I Cannot Fathom Somber Thought

#1 Post by Demyra » Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:21 am

One cannot comprehend infinity.
Not fill the vacuum of indefinite existence,
or wander too far beyond the revolution of a star.
We cannot fathom the omnipotence of Gods,
Nor explain the definitions of deconstructed energies.
We do not understand the collective state of modern civilization,
neither do we truly see beyond what is truly personally accessible.
We do not see that there is a need to see beyond what is truly personally accessible,
Nor do we truly fathom that there is more to see, beyond what is truly personally accessible.

We do not comprehend other species,
not know the difference between the nature of the breed,
or the difference between the the individual thoughts for actions it may act upon.
We do not understand why the dog mates with inconsequential abandon,
or why the bear invariably hibernates during the winter.

They do not know why we choose to destroy life bearing utopias to build elegant wastelands,
nor comprehend that we do things we hate to maintain existences we detest,
or that all human hostility is rooted from mishandled insecurity.

I do not understand the pursuit of knowledge,
or the desire to know of all the things we could never know.

I cannot deconstruct life.

We cannot fathom our potential.
Not the countless experiences of every moment,
or the vast intricacies of how these experiences culminate.
We cannot comprehend how this culmination defines our potential,
or the depth and impact of our mere progression in time for simply being.
We do not fathom the immense complexity in the process of making one single man,
nor the invariable complexities in making another of entirely individualized experiences.

I cannot understand how someone could throw away such a grandiose personal potential.

3 AM random thoughts...on a keyboard. Woo. Probably some terrible misuse of various words, because I haven't looked over it-juust felt like posting it. I'll probably change my mind on that later.

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