Like Angels

Because let's face it - the Role-Playing aspect didn't exactly take off

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Like Angels

#1 Post by Demyra » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:37 pm

Let me free you from the hell of hope,
the searing embers of uncertainty,
let me show you how we cope.

Feathers aflame, wings trembling within a cell of tinted glass,
Like a moth in the hands of of a child bearing the same sophisticated crass,
as this intricately constructed illusion we made for ourselves,
this hell of hope.

The eyes of an electrical ecosystem examine the ego,
of a contract for the abstract too consigned to retract,
manipulating the devastated to breed the motivated as they fall below.

A tireless mechanism fueled by ambition and birthed by a schism,
manufacturing living will, regulating perceptions of humanism,
defining the black and shading the white, casting shadows to show us the light,
Burning away all of our day, and trading our slights for a sliver of night.
Giving us air to introduce despair,
demonstrating heaven to guide us through hell.

I''m not of morality for sordid makeshift quality,
when I've faced the reality as we in all actuality,
acknowledge duality while leading facades emphatically,
denying the venality of our state of society,
and ever erratically we find a certain alacrity
to push through calamity, despite our mortality,
and the hell of hope leaves us wanting more.

Like angels set ablaze, complacent or craze?
Rising with the smoke in pursuit of the air,
but content with the effort that leads nowhere.
4 AM half asleep rambles.

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