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Because let's face it - the Role-Playing aspect didn't exactly take off

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Working Title

#1 Post by Demyra » Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:29 am

On crumbling earth we laid our foundation,
and cultivated seeds of invigoration.
We built and we plowed,
on land tilted we vowed,
to make a new structure from the remaining debris,
Now that it's failed, was it you, or me?

The residue of stars reform and inevitably deconstruct,
until the bond is simply too sparse to reconduct-
and the fading nebula disperses in the night sky,
and there isn't a mind left to fathom why.
We took the chance we thought we had,
Well knowing it was likely to end bad.
It was nice the time I spent beside you there,
I hope you can agree as we disperse into thin air.

I'll wear the callouses of the labor of brick and mortar,
and the faintest glow of the light we used to share.
We'll leave the blood and tears in the remnants of our quarter,
as undeniable proof of the bond we used to bare.

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