Honestly thought I'd outgrown doing this...

Because let's face it - the Role-Playing aspect didn't exactly take off

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Honestly thought I'd outgrown doing this...

#1 Post by Demyra » Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:46 am

More late night rambling to myself-not gonna edit or come back to it really. Just to post something here other than 'Hey look at my band!'

"Genetic Predisposition"

I took a long hard look at the truth today,
before it turned away.
So let me be the first one to say,
it's disarray.

I took a long hard look at you, and then me,
and now this is as I see,
my first glimpse into reality.
Our legacy,

It's vacancy, a systematic vagrancy,
an overwhelming and uninspired nothing.

The vertigo hit harder than wit,
pretending that we're all alive.
There's no real tact to changing the fact,
we are all stuck taking the dive.

Instincts guide us to a truth that abides us,
So we cope by making means of hope.
From despair, dreaming context and air,
with reason, to deny fading like a season.

A roach is a living being, compelled by a genetic predisposition to multiply and subsist,
I believe that we're the same,
a perpetuated purpose grasping for time that slips right back out of our fist.

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