Dark Blood here, new user

Or, alternatively, how to say hello and <i>not</i> be a moron and piss me off :p

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Dark Blood
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Dark Blood here, new user

#1 Post by Dark Blood » Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:29 am

Hello there

Maybe some guys here already know me, I post as "Ninja Noob" from a popular (and awesome) Ninja Gaiden forum.

I like action/hack'n'slash games. I played other kind of games in the past, mostly 2d arcade/console games from the 90's. From late 2011 untill now I mostly played Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden Black, Ninja Gaiden 2. Lately I get a little bit bored of Souls games, and I was disappointed with DkS2, but I definitely love the first two Ninja Gaiden games, which I completed on the hardest difficulty settings, Ninja Gaiden Black being my favourite game ever I think.

I tried all DMC games plus Bayonetta. The only one I dislike is DMC2, the only one I completed is the one made by Ninja Theory (shame on me) on default difficulty setting, it was just to play an easy game in a lazy period... The ones I like the most are DMC3 and Bayo, which I never got into seriously and never completed.

These days I was a little bit busy to play, but I think I'll get more free time from now on, so I think I'll spend some hours on DMC1, which a lot of guys say it's something incredible. The first time I saw this game was in 2001 I think, on its release date, running on a flat tv behind the glass of a computer/games store in my city. It was cool because it had a nice attract mode, and everyone that passed by coul'd watch some bits from the game, it looked awesome.

Later, I bought a PS2, it was for PES, and I got a lot of other games, including DMC. Unfortunately, it didn't hooked me at that time. Also tried it a couple of years later and it was just too difficult for me (what a noob).

Now I think I'm competent enough to complete it and appreciate it. I've already started playing on normal, I'm at the pirate ship. Can't say if I'm liking it so far, the camera angles are a bit awkward and sometimes I can't see the hits arriving, but's not too difficult, though. I think it will be better on the harder difficulty settings, with more aggressive enemies. Still I died a lot :D
So I think I'll start a thread for you to introduce me to the basics of the game, if you like.

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